Welcome to Fishing Adventures, Killarney

Welcome to Killarney Fishing

Killarney Fishing Adventures

Whether you are a skilled angler capable of detecting nearby fish, using only the reflection of the sun shimmering on the ripples of the water. Or a complete newbie dreaming about your first big catch, while still figuring out which end of the rod to hold. Tony Payne Fishing Adventures can provide your perfect experience. We offer experienced guides, homegrown knowledge of the local area for the best fishing spots, and even supply bate, tackle and permits as required.

What’s on

We know fishing is your first love but there are other events in the local area you may wish to know about, especially if you’re here for a holiday. Food and music festivals, local promotions and a friendly dolphin are just some of the attractions you can tie in with your trip.

Local area

Kerry is world famous for fishing due to its unique geographic location. The area has a rich and interesting history with many small historic sites dotted around. We aim to bring you bite sized facts and information on this breath-taking country.

Fishing food

Once you’ve made your catch, why not make a meal of it? We’ll bring you a selection of mouth-watering recipes for a range of fish. Bringing home dinner may also make you popular with your friends, family or holiday party.

Catch of the day

We’ll update you on the latest catches as they come in. With a wide range of fish in our waters we are sure you’ll love looking through our every expanding gallery.

Your Stories

Let us know about your successes, and of course about the ones that get away. We will post a range of photos.

Check it out for yourself

Please check our website for more information. If you don’t see what you are looking for please contact us and we will do our best to tailor a package to your needs.


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