Fishing Hotels in Killarney

Hotels in Killarney

We currently offer our fishing adventure packages with several hotels in Killarney and surrounding County Kerry/Munster.

You can book all of our packages directly with your hotel in advance or on arrival Please note: in peak seasons we recommend booking as soon as you arrive for best availability.

The International Hotel Killarney

The Brehon Hotel Killarney

The Plaza Hotel Killarney

The Lake Hotel Killarney

Killarney Park Hotel

The Europe Hotel Killarney

Parknasillae Hotel Sneem

Muckross Park Hotel Killarney

Ross Hotel Killarney

Great Southern Hotel Killarney

Killarney Royal Hotel

Fishing Hotels in Killarney February 15, 2017



Our busiest times are during summer holidays and weekends, we recommend booking your trip in advance as early as possible to ensure we can offer your chosen availability.