Fishing Trips & Tours

Fishing Trips

Relaxing Island fishing on one of our most famous islands on the Lakes of Killarney. Experienced guides to make your fishing trip experience the best it can be.

Boat Fishing / Trolling

1 person Half Day fishing by boat, trolling for 3 hours

1 person Full Day, 5 hours, fishing by boat, trolling

2 persons Half Day, fishing by boat, trolling for 3 hours

2 persons Full Day, fishing by boat, trolling for 5 hours

Fly Fishing

1 person fly fishing by boat, 3 hours

1 person fly fishing by boat, 5 hours

2 persons fly fishing by boat, 3 hours

2 persons fly fishing by boat, 5 hours

Lake Shore Angling

Lake shore angling also available, fishing for salmon, brown trout and perch.

Create Your Own Fishing Experience

If you have a specific type of fishing, we will do our best to accomodate.

  • Pick Up & Drop Off Services Available
  • Evening & Night Fishing Available
  • All Year Round Fishing Available
  • Food / Barbeque Packages Available

Please contact us and tell us more about the fishing trip you would like.

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What’s Included?

  • All Fishing Rod Reels, Tackle & Bait (provided if needed)
  • Experienced Guides
  • Rain Gear
  • Permits

Romance Tours

O’Sullivan’s Cascade, Waterfall for 2 people

1.5 hr  – 2hr including 20 minutes at O’Sullivan’s Cascade which is a stunning Waterfall. This trip includes plenty opportunities for photography.

Extended O’Sullivan’s Cascade for 2 people

2.5 – 3hrs travelling past Glena Cottage and up the Long Range river to the Meeting of the Waters to the Old Weir Bridge, then out to the Middle Lake passing Dinis Cottage. This trip includes plenty opportunities for photography.

Eagle Spotting by Boat

1 -2 People, Half Day (3hrs) or Full Day (5hrs) available.

Coming for a half day or full day on the Lakes of the Killarney National Park and you might see a White Tailed Sea Eagle. This eagle is one of the largest birds of prey in the world and was reintroduced in to Killarney in 2007.

White Tailed Eagles have lived in Killarney for 1000’s of years before they began to die out due to several factors including shooting and egg collecting.

Sea Eagles are very large, broad-winged eagles with a wedge-shaped tail. Their plumage is mainly brown, but the adult has a pale head and a white tail. The head and the beak is larger than the golden eagles. The eyes, beak and talons are bright yellow. Sea eagles have a body length of up to 90 centimetres and a wingspan of up to 2.45 metres. Males weigh from 3-5 kilos and females weigh up to 6.5 kilos

Eagle Spotting Killarney

Photograpphy by Michael Tove | Taken on the eastern side of Innisfallen Island Killarney


Deer Stalking

Get up close to the Irish red deer for amazing photo opportunities.

Ireland is home to the Wild Red deer and is the only native species. By the middle of the 19th century the last home of the Red deer was in the woodlands and mountains around Killarney, where their preservation was due to the strict protection of the two large estates of Herberts of Muckross and the Brownes, Earl of Kenmare. As a result of rigorous protection and management they have increased to 690 in the early 1990’s within the National Park.

The Red deer has a rich red coloured coat, darkening down to a greyish brown in winter. A mature stag carries a large rack of antlers, which are at peak condition in the early autumn for the rut, when they are used for bouts of sparring between rivals.  A stag with more than 12 tines is known as a ‘Royal’. A fully-grown Red stag can stand 120cm (48”) high at the shoulder and can weigh anything up to 190kg (420Ibs). A female (hind) is smaller with shoulder height up to 110cm (44”) and a weight of up to 110kg (240Ibs).

All trips are flexible with regard to time and can be tailored to suit your schedule.

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Our busiest times are during summer holidays and weekends, we recommend booking your trip in advance as early as possible to ensure we can offer your chosen availability.






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